The Chamber Alliance of Western Sydney (CAWS) is proud to announce the results of its latest WSBI of Western Sydney Businesses that focuses on the financial health and prospects of businesses in Greater Western Sydney. CAWS is an alliance of business Chambers representing the Western Precincts of Greater Sydney.

As a pinnacle Organisation for Business in Western Sydney, one of our priorities is to ensure that accurate information about the health of the SME sector is available to decision-makers across Sydney as a whole. This information will promote more effective decision-making by both Business Owners as well as Government, service organisations and others interested in maintaining the future business health of the Greater West of Sydney. True future growth and sustainability will be built on reality and sustainability.

CAWS has designed the WSBI, as a quarterly survey that aims to capture a snapshot of the current conditions and environment within which the businesses in Western Sydney are operating. Over time, it will provide indices that will track and identify the long-term trends that are impacting the community.

Originally developed during the 2021 Delta Lockdown, the results of the current WSBI take a pre-Omicron view of the environment in November 2022 which will provide even greater insights as we move forward.

Key take outs from the WSBI are: –

  • Greater than 50 percent of respondents say that they are coping well in the current environment.
  • Future expectations are that Western Sydney SME’s will be able to resolve supply issues in the short to medium term
  • Perceptions on both business profitability and sustainability are positive.
  • The biggest concern remains staffing. Assisting staff with wellness solutions is on the increase but the availability of adequate staffing remains the core issue.

Whilst the above provides a quick snapshot, there is much more to be gleaned from the WSBI Survey and its resultant Report as a whole, to obtain a complete understanding. The WSBI represents a key resource to all who have an interest in the business health and operational conditions throughout Western Sydney.

The WSBI initiative allows CAWS, as the key group representing the SME’s of Western Sydney, to assist Governments, major corporates, and other Community support organisations to better understand the issues and concerns confronting businesses in the Region, and thus providing better opportunities for growth and strengthening.

For further information please contact: President Trevor Oldfield AM KJS JP, President Chamber Alliance of Western Sydney.

Phone:              041 999 2826