The Chamber Alliance of Western Sydney (CAWS), was created in early 2018 after many discussions with likeminded business leaders in the Local Business Chambers of Commerce network initially around Blacktown, Parramatta & the Sydney Hills.

All of us collectively believed that there was a far greater role beyond our own business chambers, that we could play for the good of all businesses in Western Sydney. Our passion to create a single voice for Western Sydney soon became the catalyst for positive change.
In 2015 we had built a strong relationship with a number of local chambers and through this, created a group to support and coordinate key events through open dialogue via regular meetings.

In 2018 a number of local Chamber representatives including Trevor Oldfield and Richard Holland were invited to a round table by Hon. Alex Hawke MP Member for Mitchell and the Hon. Paul Fletcher MP Minister for Urban Infrastructure & Cities. Also included were Mayors & representatives of councils from each of the local areas. At this meeting there was a preferred plan circulated for future infrastructure and development of the Metro corridors as well as the start of what is now the Western Sydney City Deal.

We all applauded this initiative as in our view it was the first time The Federal Government in conjunction with State & Local Government was seeking both direct Business & Community consultation well prior to the completion of the final plan.

Following this event, we mobilised quickly on behalf of businesses in the immediate geographical areas to create a representative body initially for our immediate areas, but to then be inclusive for Western Sydney. We held our first official meeting on the 18th of May 2018.
In The 12 months following we saw the Vision, Mission, Objectives and the Constitution of our organisation completed, along with the incorporation of the Chamber Alliance of Western Sydney (CAWS).

We officially launched CAWS at the Alpha Hotel, Eastern Creek on 21 October 2019 (see press release) and by the end of 2019 we had grown to 11 Local Business Chamber members right across Western Sydney and we are continually growing.

Our goal is clear, to be a body that attracts every Local Business Chamber who shares the need for a more powerful and consistent voice for Western Sydney. The Chamber Alliance of Western Sydney (CAWS), will collectively advocate for what business sees as the key drivers to help Western Sydney grow across our entire region.

Our Vision
& Mission

To be recognised as the voice for Business in Greater Western Sydney, that is acknowledgement across the region by Businesses, Industry Bodies, Local, State & Federal government.

To create a united Alliance of Local Business Chambers in Greater western Sydney to discuss and then amplify the position of the business community in the region, to all levels of government, industry associations, peak industry bodies and business chambers general for the collective benefit of business chambers in Greater Western Sydney.

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